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Terms of Hire

Hire Charge & Deposit

1.  A deposit will be required from the Hirer to secure a booking for the Event. The deposit is non refundable in the event of cancellation by the Hirer.

2.  Except where the Hire Agreement relates to the hire of any UCS sports ground, payment of the Hire Charge is due a minimum of four weeks before the Event. 50% of the Hire Charge is returnable if cancellation occurs more than two weeks before the Event. If cancellation occurs less than two weeks before the Event the Hire Charge must be paid in full. If the Hire Charge is not paid in full at least two weeks prior to the Event, UCS FACILITIES reserves the right to cancel the Event and retain any deposit paid.

3.  Where the Hire Agreement relates to the hire of any School sports ground, payment of the Hire charge is due a minimum of two weeks before the Event.  50% of the Hire Charge is returnable if cancellation occurs more than one week before the Event.  If cancellation occurs less than one week before the Event the full Hire Charge must be paid unless the Event has had to be cancelled because of bad weather on the day, in which event 50% of the Hire Charge will be returned by UCS FACILITIES.

4.  Of the Hire Charge is not paid on time, UCS FACILITIES shall be entitled to charge the Hirer interest on the amount due to 4% above the Bank of England base rate for the period for which payment is outstanding (whether before or after any judgement).

5.  UCS FACILITIES does not generally accept payment by credit card. In exceptional circumstances, however, we may be able to arrange this and a service fee will be made for any invoices paid in this way.


6.  UCS FACILITIES licences the Hirer (subject to the provisions of the Hire Agreement) to use the Hire Area for the sole purpose of holding the Event, and where applicable, agrees to provide the Hirer with the Services.

7.  The Hirer shall not assign the benefit of the Hire Agreement to any person, nor assign or sub-license any right or benefit under it without the prior written consent of UCS FACILITIES.  Where UCS FACILITIES agrees to any sub-licence, the Hirer shall procure that the sub-licensee is bound to observe and perform the terms of the Hire Agreement as if it were a party to it.

8.  The Hirer shall not exceed the agreed maximum capacity for attendees of the Event.  UCS FACILITIES shall have the right to require people in excess of the agreed maximum capacity to leave the Hire Area.

9.  Persons must not enter any parts of the School which are not part of the Hire Area, save as is reasonably and properly required for access to the Hire Area.

10.  UCS FACILITIES reserves the right for its staff: (a) to enter and view the Hire Area at any time during the Hire Period; (b) at his/her discretion to refuse admission to or remove from the Hire Area any person who in his/her reasonable opinion is disorderly or objectionable; and (c) at his/her discretion, to refuse to permit any item to be brought into or to require any item to be removed from the School.

11.  The Hirer shall not behave or permit behaviour at the Event which: (a) is contrary to any law or regulation; (b) is obscene, offensive, hateful or inflammatory; (c) involves nudity or is sexually explicit or sexually provocative; (d) may reasonably be considered offensive or discriminatory on grounds of race, sex, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation or age; or (e) intimidates, threatens or causes annoyance to any person.

12.  The Hirer will not behave or permit any behaviour at the Event which might reasonably be regarded as detrimental to the reputation of the School or otherwise incompatible with the purpose, objectives and moral values of a school for children between the ages of 3 months and 18 years.

13.  Except where the Event is a wedding or other private party, the Hirer must not take or permit to be taken any photographs or conduct any recording or filming at the School at any time, except with the prior written consent of UCS FACILITIES.  If UCS FACILITIES grants permission a facility fee will be payable by the Hirer.

14.  The Hirer may not charge third parties a fee for access to the Hire Area without the prior written consent of UCS FACILITIES.

15.  If the Hirer is going to advertise the Event in advance, the Hirer shall submit to UCS FACILITIES for approval a draft of any poster or advertisement relating to the Event and shall comply with all requirements that UCS FACILITIES shall reasonably impose in relation to their form, content and publication.  Any advertising in the local area for the Event must comply with all relevant legislation.  It is the responsibility of the Hirer to make sure that the law is not broken.

16.  No banners, posters, notices or bills may be displayed inside or outside Hire Area and/or the School, except with UCS FACILITIES prior written consent.  The cost of removing all banners, posters, notices etc and any damage caused to the damage or fabric of the School as a result of their removal will be subject to an additional charge.

Hire Period

17.  Timing of the Event is important.  If there is any overrun of time beyond the agreed Hire Period an additional charge will be levied, which will be deducted from the deposit.  Where additional charges exceed the sum of the deposit held, such additional charges shall be payable in full seven working days after the Event.  Bars must close by the earlier of 11pm or 30 minutes before the end of the Hire Period.  Bands/ discos must finish at least 30 minutes before the end of the Hire Period.  All Events must finish by 11.30pm and all guests and service providers must be clear of the premises by 12 midnight.  These timings are an hour earlier on Sundays and are subject to change at the discretion of UCS FACILITIES.

18.  Except where the Hirer is using UCS FACILITIES internal caterers:  At the end of the Hire Period the Hirer shall hand back the Hire Area in the same condition as at the commencement of the Hire Period.  Any furniture or articles moved must be replaced in their original position.  The Hire Area must be cleared of all personal effects.  All rubbish must be bagged up and removed from the School grounds, unless a skip is provided by UCS FACILITIES.


19.  Without prejudice to any other right or remedy available to UCS FACILITIES the Hirer shall indemnify and keep indemnified UCS FACILITIES and the School against all claims, damages, liabilities, actions, costs, fees, and expenses (including professional expenses) suffered or incurred by UCS FACILITIES or the School: (a) as a result of the Event; or (b) arising out of the Hirer's and its employees' and subcontractors' use of the School and/or the Hire Area; or (c) resulting in any way from the conduct of any of the persons attending the Event; or (d) arising out of any breach of the Hire Agreement by the Hirer.


20.  Except where the Event is a wedding or private party:  The Hirer shall throughout the Hire Period effect and maintain at its sole expense with a reputable insurance company such comprehensive insurances as are necessary for the holding of the Event, including, but not limited to Employer's Liability Insurance.


21.  Except in respect of death or personal injury caused by UCS FACILITIES negligence or default, UCS FACILITIES excludes liability to the fullest extent permitted by law for loss or damage suffered by the Hirer or any person attending the Event or any other person involved directly or indirectly with the Event which arises out of or in connection with the use of the School and /or the Hire Area for the purpose of the Event.

Care of the School

22.  The Hirer shall:

(a)  not obstruct (or permit its staff or guests to obstruct) any of the passages, gangways, corridors, staircases, exits and emergency doors of the School.

(b)  not interfere with, damage or misuse any equipment, fabric, fixtures, fittings or decorations at the School and ensure that no bolts, screws, nails, tacks, etc.  shall be fixed or driven into any part of the premises, fittings, fixtures or furniture of the School.  No wax, adhesive, powder or tape shall be placed upon the floors;

(c)  keep the Hire Area clean, tidy, undamaged and free of rubbish throughout the Hire Period and leave it in the same condition at the end of the Hire Period;

(d)  not use the Hire Area in such a manner as to cause nuisance, annoyance or inconvenience to UCS Facilities and/or users or neighbours of the School;

(e)  not interfere with any emergency lighting within the School (e.g. by removing bulbs or masking them with lighting gels);

(f)  not sell or supply in any way to the users of the School or attendees of the Event any goods or services of any kind, except with UCS FACILITIES prior written consent;

(g)  comply fully with all statutes, rules, regulations, orders, bye-laws or other requirements, whether for ensuring public order safety or decency or for any other purpose whatsoever affecting the use of the School and the Hire Area for the purpose for which it has been hired and with all requirements of the Health and Safety Executive or the police and fire authorities and of UCS FACILITIES;

  (h)  not bring (and will ensure that none of its staff, contractors or guests brings) illegal drugs or other illegal substances onto School premises or grounds;

  (i)   obtain all licences, consents and approvals necessary for the Event (including, but not limited to,    copyrights, lending or rental right and performance right licences);

  (j)   not consume (or allow the consumption of) food and drink on any of the School's sports pitches or    pitch surrounds without UCS FACILITIES prior consent;

  (k) adhere to the directions of the School's duty manager or supervisor attending the Event;

  (l)  where the Hired Area relates to any School sports ground, not retrieve any ball or similar item over    any perimeter fence or boundary;

  (m)   not allow any dog or other animal into the School premises, save for guide dogs with disabled    persons.

23.   If UCS is not satisfied with the condition of the School/Hire Area or the said equipment, fabric,    fixtures/fittings or decorations at the end of the Hire Period, the Hirer will be charged by UCS FACILITIES for the   cost of cleaning or restoring to the condition in which it was at the commencement of the Hire Period.

24.   Except where the Hirer is using UCS’ internal caterers:

(a)   Security and fire procedures are the responsibility of the Hirer. The Hirer must ensure that there are   sufficient, responsible members of staff available to action the School's fire evacuation procedure   should the alarm sound.

(b)  If so required by UCS FACILITIES the Hirer shall pay for any attendance by the police and/or fire services as UCS FACILITIES   shall consider necessary for the proper conduct of the Event, the regulation of traffic in connection   therewith or the protection of the School's property.

25.   Smoking is not permitted in any building at UCS. The use of candles is not permitted in the Great Hall.


26.   The Hirer shall not bring any equipment, plant, decorative display or exhibition materials into the   School without the prior consent of the UCS FACILITIES. UCS FACILITIES may refuse to allow to be brought into the School   any article or appliance which it considers dangerous or offensive.

27.   The use of any form of gas-filled balloons, streamers, confetti, naked flame, pyrotechnics, strobe lighting   and/or laser systems or other special effects shall not be permissible, save with the prior written approval   of UCS FACILITIES, which shall be at UCS FACILITIES 's sole discretion and subject to such additional terms and conditions   as it shall specify.

28.   Under no circumstances may smoke or bubble machines be used anywhere in the School and disco   operators must be informed of this rule. (Such machines will set off the sensitive alarms which can ring   for several hours.)

29.   Where the Event involves the use of language laboratories, theatre, sound or audio-visual equipment the   Hirer must engage the services of a qualified member of the School staff to assist (at rates agreed in   advance of the Hire Period).

30.   When a booking involves the use of the School kitchens by the Hirer’s own caterers, the kitchens must   be left as found and the Hirer will indemnify UCS FACILITIES and the School in respect of any loss or damage to   the kitchens or any equipment therein.

31.  Where equipment is loaned by UCS FACILITIES for the purposes of the Event (e.g. sports equipment), the Hirer will   be responsible for it during the Hire Period and will be charged for any damage or loss.

32.   Under no circumstances will UCS FACILITIES make good or accept responsibility or liability in respect of any loss   or damage of or to any goods or property of the Hirer or of any other person left, deposited or brought   into the School or any part thereof, or deposited with any member of School staff.

33.   All equipment and other items brought to the Event by the Hirer, its staff and guests must be removed at   the end of the Hire Period. If the Hirer fails to remove any article within fourteen days after the Hire   Period, UCS FACILITIES may, without prejudice to any other right or remedy, sell any such article and set off   the   proceeds of sale against the cost of removal and storage by the School.


34.  The Hirer must not park or permit any vehicle to be parked in the grounds of the School in such a way   that it causes any obstruction to other users. The Hirer must only park vehicles in designated areas for   the purposes of loading and unloading. Specific loading details are available from the School. Motor cars or other vehicles are to observe the 10 mph speed limit in the School grounds and park only in the recognised parking places.  Driving on grassed areas is strictly forbidden.


35.   It is important that noise levels are reasonable and do not disturb School residents or neighbours. If PA   systems are used outside or in any marquee, the volume must be kept to a level agreed between the Hirer   and UCS FACILITIES. Where audio equipment noise limiters are fitted they must be used. Requests from UCS FACILITIES to   turn sound down either inside or out must be complied with immediately. If not, UCS FACILITIES reserves the right   to turn off the music and ask the Hirer and its guests to leave the School.

License Extensions

36.   If the Hirer requests an extraordinary liquor or public entertainment licence for which an application   must be made, an administration fee will be charged to the Hirer at the rate in force during the Hire   Period.


37.   UCS FACILITIES may terminate the Hire Agreement on immediate notice:

(a)  if in the opinion of UCS FACILITIES the purpose for which the Hire Area is one which is likely to lead to a breach   of the peace or otherwise be regarded as inappropriate for holding at the School;

(b)   if the Hirer or any of its staff, contractors or guests brings illegal drugs or other illegal substances onto   School premises or grounds;

(c)   if the Hirer intends to use the Hire Area for any purpose other than the Event specified in the Hire   Agreement;

(d)  if by act of God, war, riot, invasion, fire, flood, accident, power cut, strike or walkout, government interference, regulations, appropriations, attack by terrorists or other activists or extremist organisations or on the instructions of the police or armed forces or other conditions beyond the reasonable control of  UCS FACILITIES the School shall be closed or not available for hiring;

(e)   if the Hirer, its servants, agents, licensees or invitees or any person using the School in connection with   the Event shall breach or fail to observe or perform any of terms and conditions of the Hire Agreement;

(f)   where the Event involves the use of the School's sports grounds) in the event of bad weather or poor   pitch conditions;

(g)   in any other circumstances where UCS FACILITIES believes that it would be to the detriment of the School, its pupils, or its reputation to hold the Event;

(h)   if the Hirer ceases to trade or carry on business or is unable to pay its debts, or becomes insolvent or   goes into liquidation or receivership of administrative receivership or is wound up for any reason.

38.   The Hirer shall be entitled to cancel the Hire Agreement by giving written notice to UCS FACILITIES. If the Hirer   cancels the Hire Agreement it shall pay the cancellation charges set out in paragraphs 2 and 3 above, as   applicable.


39.   The Hire Agreement shall be governed by English law and the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.

40.   Only the parties to the Hire Agreement and UCS may seek to enforce the terms of this Agreement.

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